Creator Diary

Okay, buckle in, because this is a doozy of a diary entry. Like, it's a lot.

In this entry, I'm covering details for most of the qualities that can be found on a card in a Weave playset: Backstories, Talents, Flaws, Signature Moves, Assets, NPCs, Subplots, Locations, and Theme. Each quality has a 280 character maximum description, sometimes with an additional 280 character max mechanic and Trigger. There's 11 quality types total with mulitple qualities for each type. And they're all on each of the 22 cards. (Shout out to anyone who's written or working on a playset – I see you, it's a lot of work, and you're doing great.)

A couple things before we get started. First, the text for each quality is set on a background image, but this is not official UI design. Formatting a wall of text for this entry was a bit of a nightmare, and images felt like the best way to distinguish the qualities. If you'd prefer to read the text version formatted in Markdown, you can view it here. Which is the perfect segue into the second thing: Markdown as a format may be what we use for Weave playsets now, but it is not long for this Weave world. In the meantime, though, the text version is fully in Markdown format, and the images below allude to Markdown format.


Cards in each playset have three Backstories. Each of the Backstories in the images below include a format, additional details, and some tips. For additional examples, you can also scan in cards and select qualities from Goblins 'R Jerks.


Each card has four Talents, each with a mechanic and some with a Trigger. I'll be writing a Dot One Deep Dive entry on types of mechanics during August, but for now, I recommended checking out the in-app rules and these tips.


Cards generally have between two and four Flaws, depending on the playset. Like Talents, Flaws have a mechanic.  

Signature Move

If you're writing a playset, it may be best to prioritize Signature Moves for last – they're becoming Ultimates soon! If you've already written a playset and are just adding mechanics, don't worry about these too much yet!


There are at least two Assets on every card. They each have mechanics as well.


The two NPCs on each card can help the storyteller add varied characters to the story.


There are two Subplots on every card.


Each card should have at least two Locations, places the stories can go. Locations are part of the foundation for an episode and can be scanned in at any time.


Each card has a Theme. Themes are part of the foundation scanned in at the start of each episode.

Other Qualities

The only two card qualities not covered here are the Boss and Enemies. (Because, let's face it, this entry was going to be long enough already.) Bosses and Enemies also have their own character sheets. I can always post them in follow up diary entries, if they're a resource everyone would like to have!

We'll be sharing more about the Playset Creator in the coming weeks. And in the meantime, if you have any questions or would like a place to brainstorm on playset writing, the community Discord is a good place for both. I plan to continually release playset writing and game design resources. Good luck on writing your playsets! You've got this!