Creator Diary

Oh wow, there's so much to talk about here.

First of all, we've teased a bit about what will be part of Weave+ across our social media: digital cards and dice, storyteller tools, and more. It releases in September 2019. (And we'll be talking about the "more" part about at PAX West at our Monocle Society booth TT05.)

Weave+ is the culmination of what we have wanted to see in a role-playing game. When Monocle Society first started making Weave, the plan was always to change the face of storytelling by making role-playing accessible to everyone. No doubt that's a lofty goal and requires a bit of hubris to say, but it's a goal we wanted to achieve more than anything.

If we wanted to make role-playing more accessible, we needed to bring in the phone. Mobile devices are the primary gaming device for all types of gamers, not just casual. This is important because most gamers in the world don't even call themselves gamers. We call them 'casual gamers' in the industry, but at home we call them friends, family.

These are people who prefer to use games to bond with others, who encourage mental and emotional growth, and who prefer to work cooperatively to overcome challenges. This is exactly how we see storytelling, and role-playing games couldn't be a better fit.

So earlier this year, after looking at everything we could do, we decided that the best way to reach these people is to make it as easy as possible to show them what storytelling could provide in a way that they may either not have seen before or believed they didn't have time for. That's where Weave+ comes in.

Weave+ is a full storytelling package that goes with you where ever you go. From creating characters to take with you to any playset, to helping you learn how to be a better storyteller, Weave+ is designed to reduce the friction of getting a group together to play. How cool would it be to play Weave at a restaurant, in a bar, or in the line for the next big movie?

I've said it once, and I'll say it again. I have no interest in charging people for everything under the sun. Our goal is to spread the genre of role-playing games as far as possible and to make it super easy to bring all of our friends and family into the hobby that we enjoy so much.

We want everybody to be a storyteller, and we want to make it possible for us here at Monocle Society to give Weave the full attention it deserves as we listen to our community.

We could spend so much more time talking about what we're going to do with Weave+ over the coming years, and we'll be talking more about it next week at PAX West. Stop on by if you can, and for those who can't, we'll make sure to bring the conversation here. :)