Creator Diary

(Or how I learned to stop worrying and love a spreadsheet.)

This diary entry is written by Victoria Smith (Nevephoenix).

Hi all, my name is Victoria, though I go by Nevephoenix in the Weave Discord. I wrote White Rabbit, which is a fairytale-inspired playset. Writing White Rabbit took me several months, and I've learned more about Weave throughout the process. What you need to write a playset is persistence, community, and an idea.

Persistence is important in the creation of a playset. You have to come up with items and descriptions for every card, but it is very much worth the time and work. The first thing I recommend is to play the game–play multiple games of Weave in sets that are like what you want to write and sets that are different. If you can storytell multiple times, you’ll get an idea of what the game needs along with what players like and don’t like.

The community aspect was the easiest part for me. The Weave Discord is full of lovely people who were willing to hear my ideas, be sounding boards for ideas, and help me come up with new ones. The playsets channel is full of resources, and it is super helpful to anyone who wants to start! I also recommend having a strong ally... Someone who will listen to you ramble about the plot twist you need to think up for the Tortoise card. I have a few friends who listen and helped keep me accountable. These are the people who want you to succeed, and can help you continue writing even if you're exhausted or don't feel like you can write another description.

The idea has to be something that you love–something that you can explore the ins and outs to. You’ll know if a concept is too narrow, because you won’t have enough material to come up with cards. You’ll also know if something is too broad ifyou aren’t sure which aspects you want. For White Rabbit, I knew I wanted to do fairytales, and I decided the easiest way to write it was to attach a specific tale to each card, and work through each piece. It helped to have a theme for characters because then pulling each aspect just allowed me to create plenty of combinations that I really love.That’s the most important part. You have to love your playset.

White Rabbit is my love letter to fairytales and to role-playing games. I hope it’s enjoyable to play and to watch. Good luck everyone on making your playsets!  Thanks for reading, and happy Weaving!

Victoria Smith (Nevephonix in the Discord) is a Midwestern college student who loves reading, writing, and RPGs. She's passionate about both arts and sciences!