Creator Diary
Weave will work with mixed reality devices like Magic Leap. 

We've been working really hard at Monocle Society on a Weave mixed reality deliverable. Leading up to last Friday's deadline, all of us were hyper focused on getting things done. Now that we are done, we're taking a breath and redirecting our focus on next steps for both Weave and Monocle as a whole.

And while we're sitting down, catching a breath, and relaxing in our Weave-styled living room, let's chat some about mixed reality and what it means for Weave.

Experiencing Mixed Reality

When I first experienced mixed reality, I couldn't stop grinning at the combination of real and virtual worlds around me.

I discovered mixed reality at the Weave booth of PAX Unplugged. (Which, also where I discovered/bought Weave and started a whirlwind journey to bring me to Monocle Society, but that's another story for another time.) After trying the Weave demo, I remember thinking, my gosh, the future is now.

Mixed reality (also MR or XR) is a type of technology that blends both the real and virtual worlds. The virtual world exists simultaneously with and fully interacts with the real world. It goes beyond augmented reality by anchoring virtual visuals and environments to the real world, allowing the user to interact with both.

As Kyle has said before, "This will be the standard for how things move forward. And it will profoundly affect all of us."

Sounds wild, right? The future is now!

Like I said: grinning the whole time I demoed Magic Leap at the PAXU Weave booth.

Weave and Mixed Reality

In February, we announced that we had been selected as creators in Magic Leap's Independent Creator Program. The program offers financial, development, and marketing resources and support to help indie developers focus on... well... development. So, you'll see the Magic Leap One device in a lot of our photos and the hashtags #MeetTheCreators and #IndieCreatorProgram in our social media posts.

Our relationship with Magic Leap is majorly helping us achieve our MR goals, and the Indie Creator Program is a huge opportunity. But MR has been in the works with Weave since long before the announcement.

Weave was created to be mixed reality compatible from the beginning.

Spatial computing is a huge part of why Weave is a hybrid storytelling game. The design from the ground up has been built for XR: the companion app, the card art, the digital content, etc. The foundation has been set. But XR will turn the Weave storytelling experience up to a whole new level.

If you look closely, you can see possibility reflected in the lens...

What It All Means

We have an opportunity at Monocle Society to shape the future of tabletop gaming. This wouldn't be possible without three important foundations: a hard-working team, a supportive community, and a strong product. With those foundations in place, we plan to build up from them throughout the year with Weave 2019 app and ruleset updates, the Playset Creator, and mixed reality storytelling for everyone.

We're focusing on three aspects of Weave:
Core. The structure and mechanics of the game itself.
Mobile. The app experience across multiple platforms.
Spatial. The mixed reality experience.

Each of these aspects will be getting major updates this year, starting with Weave 2019.1 which is coming SOON. None of the updates in these aspects should detract from the others. For instance, Spatial computing won't take anything away from the Weave Core and Mobile experiences... It will only add to them in exciting ways. And we'll be able to show you how in the coming months.

If you have a copy of Weave, to quote Kyle again, "You have a copy of something that shouldn't exist right now. It's small, but powerful in what it will become."

When we say Weave 2019 will bring mixed reality storytelling for everyone, we mean it. We're excited. Are you excited?

Magic Leap selfie FTW, thank you and goodnight!