Creator Diary

There's a lot to talk about in this article, so I'm just going to jump right in.

From the start, the 2019 edition of Weave has always been about doubling down on two aspects: usability and strengthening our hybrid approach to storytelling. While 2019.1 is a jumping point for us to do that, it's still a significant update on its own.


While most of the changes in 2019.1 are under the hood, that doesn't mean you won't notice them when playing. I broke the summary of 2019.1 into four categories below.


Let's kick this off with the thing that dictates the entire experience: the rules. We heard our community and noticed a lot of areas that can be either simplified, clarified, or ...removified? I'm going to go with that. While most are clarifications, here are some key changes that make 2019.1 special:

One Ruleset

Every game of Weave in 2019.1 is played with a single set of rules. That means previous Seasons are going to be converted over. No more Standard vs Advanced.

Character Sheets

Playing Advanced implied more challenge in playing Weave, but really the character sheet in Advanced goes a long way in clarifying everything. Weave 2019 uses the advanced character sheet as a springboard. Backstories have more meaning, talents are easier to understand, and strikes actually add to the flavor of the story. In 2019.1, some terms are changing over to their 2019 counterparts (e.g. Inventory will become Assets).

If you have a Standard character that you love, fear not! We're migrating them over so you can use them here too.

Epic passes and fails

When a user has an epic pass or fail, we decided to keep it simple. Did a player have an epic pass? Then they tell the storyteller how things went down (with the storyteller having the final blessing). Epic fail? The character receives a wound. Simple.


While future updates for 2019 will improve combat more, we made sure in 2019.1 that it is obvious who goes first, and how all characters (even NPCs and enemies) take turns. Combat is cleaned up as well, including how damage is dealt, and how talents are used.


Most of the playsets in Weave were written for 2017 edition, and some were written as the first rules were still being codified. We're going through and making sure that all playsets feel like the game that Weave has become.


This is a big one. Some of the technology that we use to make Weave has seen some serious improvements since last year, and it all added up to a better experience. While we're still going to require online and all that it entails, the loading time has gone down. In addition the app just feels... smoother, especially on Android.


Most of the questions that come from our community are usually the most straightforward to answer. You'd think that'd be a good thing, but what that really means is we need to do a better job helping players and storytellers understand how to use Weave.

For us, that means better communication in the app explaining how and what you can do with the app and game, better indications of how to do basic tasks (such as deleting seasons or cancelling invites), and show how this all ties back to the rules of Weave itself.

We think the small changes made to the current UI in 2019.1 go a long way to making Weave more accessible, and that includes removing the headache that is scanning challenge cards.

Bug Fixes

Finally, bug fixes. The community has gone a long way in helping us point out issues that need to be addressed, and now that Monocle Society has dedicated QA internally, we put an extra focus on quality. Issues will always exist in software, but issues that prevent our players from enjoying the game are ones we're focusing on.

JULY 4TH, 2019(.1)

That's right–bring out your sparklers and American clichés... because Weave 2019.1 will be available as a free update for every player on the 4th of July. And for those of you going to the Montreal Comic-Con on July 5th, I'll be there with update in hand and ready to play.

Oh, that's the other thing! I'm going to be talking at the Montreal Comic-Con about mixed reality and tabletop gaming on July 6th. If you can make it, definitely stop on by! I'll be talking about huge changes in the industry and even showing off what Weave can do in the world of spatial computing.

Thank you again to our community for all of their support, and we hope that you'll join us in celebrating a great start to the future of Weave.

...and I didn't post any spoilers this time.