Creator Diary

This diary entry is written by J. Kaplan (Kapdragon).

I’ve always wanted to play tabletop games.

I loved every mysterious aspect of storytelling. I wrote stories nonstop. I read stories nonstop. The idea of creating a larger story with a group of friends is something I’d always wanted. Sadly though, I never really got the chance to join a community of gamers and experience this “larger story” until college. We played D&D 4e, and I loved it. Post graduation, with a different community, I played Pathfinder, Dresden, Star Wars, Paranoia, Dungeon World… and the list goes on and on.

In this medium of entertainment that has existed since the 1970s (that’s nearly 50 years, for anyone counting), the people you play with can be just as important as the game you play.

That’s where the Weave Discord community comes in.

If you’re familiar with (or new to!) Weave, but not with our Discord, you’re only seeing the surface of the Weave community. It’s my hope that the Discord be the center of the storytelling web you weave for yourself. It’s the starting point for you to create your own stories, make new friends, chat with developers, and maybe start a local community in your area.

If you come to the Weave Disco, we have juiceboxes.

Okay, storytime!

We established that I’m the sort of person who likes to write stories. In fact, I’m one of those people who has an unfinished, unpublished, unedited, novel in my back pocket. Yes, I’ve been working on it for over a decade. No, it isn’t anywhere near complete. Why yes, I do wish I was an author as my full-time job. Now that we’ve got that out of the way... Imagine if I told you that I also have a published Weave playset that I wrote and debuted in under a couple months.

Somehow, before I’d even realized it, I’d become a published author in a way I’d never envisioned. But better than all of that, I got to share my story, and improve it, with the support of the people around me.

I joined the Weave Discord back in 2017 and met the writer of the Xorte/IO playset, Sean Richer. Sean and several other community members encouraged me to bring my ideas to life for a dystopian universe overrun with plantlife. Since then, The Garden, a leafpunk adventure, has become the very first community-written playset, and it has been played by the lovely women over at Geek & Sundry not just once, but twice.

In two years, I went from an unpublished hopeful to a published member of a powerful, supportive community who has seen me through more than just a handful of hardships.

I’m closer now to finishing my book than I have ever been.

And I’m able to take what I’ve learned and pass the knowledge to those around me. It’s not just about Weave. It’s about creating a place where you belong. Where you have a voice. Where you can contribute to telling YOUR story. We don’t grow without you, we grow with you.

You can join the Weave Discord!

So if you need help, if you have an idea, if you’re looking for a group, if you need a friend… let us be there for you. It’s not just about the games you play, it’s about who you play with.

Renee drew a happy Kapdragon, who's happy because the Weave Discord is awesome!

J. Kaplan, known as Kapdragon on Discord, is a wannabe novelist moonlighting as a Monocle Society community manager masquerading as a dragon. She spends most of her days looking after the Discord and weaving dreams into (mixed) reality.