Creator Diary

It's here! It's here – Weave 2019.1 is here!

If you've yet to update your app, the new version should be waiting for you in your device app store. And the moment it loads, you're going to start noticing a lot of differences. In fact, a lot of things that were slated for Weave 2019.2 ended up making it into .1... Including the new UI and the ruleset singularity.

The rules can be found through the menu option "LEARN" in the Weave companion app.

The whole ruleset went through edits and revisions – top to bottom – not to mention being adapted for the singularity. Rules that the community found confusing were clarified, streamlined, and (in some cases) removed. Weave Standard and Weave Advanced are no longer separate editions. And as we've said before, the 2019 ruleset tends most towards Advanced edition from Weave 2018.

But even for those familiar with playing Advanced, there are new elements in the 2019 ruleset and updates will continue to roll out as new features are added to the game. Here's some to get you started navigating the in-app rules:

  • Mechanics: Mechanics can apply to numerous qualities of a card. Most commonly, they apply on Talents, Flaws, and Assets. Some qualities with mechanics may also have Triggers. There are three types of mechanics: Passive, Standard, and Lucky. More on mechanics can be found in the section "Mechanics."
  • Character Leveling: Now you can scan in a character starting at level 1, leveling them up and adding qualities to them over the course of your season. Characters saved from the previous editions of Weave are now stored at level 10. Learn more about levels in the "Character Leveling" section.
  • Epic Passes and Fails: Epic passes and fails have been tweaked for clarity and ease of application. Read about epic passes and fails in the "Challenges" section.
  • Core Challenges: Checks have become Core Challenges. The entire "Core Challenges" section was added into the rules in this update, including how they differ from regular checks, how to pass them, and when to use them.
  • Encounter Structure: The details for "Encounters" and "Combat" can be found in those respective sections. Since not all playsets necessarily use combat, encounters can apply to multiple scenarios in your Weave games. These sections discuss how to navigate them through Challenges and actions.  

That PDF link? It's still the 2018.3 edition of Advanced rules. It's similar to elements of Weave 2019, but it isn't accurate yet. I'm downloading a graphic design app today so that I can get it updated with the new rules. And once the playsets are updated to the new standard too, the PDF will be updated again to include narrative examples and more visuals.

You can also expect a Dot One Deep Dive diary series, where I'll dive into implementing elements of the 2019 rules like the above in your games.

In the meantime, check out the 2019.1 ruleset in the Weave companion app! And as always, have fun telling your stories – now with a fancy new UI and shiny rules.