Creator Diary

The Singularity came early.

In our initial timeline, merging Weave 2018's Standard and Advanced rulesets into a single ruleset was slated to be a 2019.2 update. But now that you can explore the Weave 2019.1 on your device – check your App Store if you’ve yet to download the update – you’ll find that the rules have already merged!

So, what does the Singularity mean for the rules of Weave, exactly? What happened to 2018’s Standard and Advanced? What updates are yet to come? We can answer most of those questions.

Setting the Standard

Weave was created to be accessible for anyone who may pick up the game and play–even someone who’d never played before. For families to pick up and play with their kids. For friends to pick up and play on Friday game night. For anyone who might love telling a story, but maybe not reading a many-page rulebook. And that’s still a priority we consider as we write and develop Weave.

Though, while Standard edition cut down significantly on the rules, for some players, it didn’t explain enough. Something so open to interpretation was confusing for newer players to actually interpret.

Advances in Mechanics

That’s where Advanced came in. Advanced added more structure to Weave by utilizing mechanics for the sections that were confusing. On one hand, that helped clarify play. But it was conflicting to have two rulesets in the app. And Advanced as written was an imperfect solution, causing some confusion of its own.

Accessibility and structure was a tricky line to walk. Having both Advanced and Standard rulesets felt like you had to choose between the two for your game: accessibility OR structure.

The Singularity is here! Standard and Advanced have rejoined as one.

The Singularity

Thus, the Singularity. The Singularity streamlines the Weave rules back into one version, one edition consistent across every game. If the goal of Standard was to be accessible and the goal of Advanced was to be structured, then the goal of Weave 2019 is to be both.

Weave 2019 isn’t an even mesh of the two former editions. In fact, it’s structure is based on the foundation of Advanced. For players who used Advanced, that foundation will likely be noticeable in 2019. However, we feel 2019 does a stronger job of combining the two elements we valued most in the separate Standard and Advanced editions: accessibility with structure.

Weave 2019 is still a living ruleset. As features are added in .2 and .3 and after we hear more feedback from players, the rules will be updated accordingly. (Part of the joy of having our rules stored in a mobile app? Our errata can be updated immediately instead of being an additional supplement or waiting for our next print run.) We’ll be sure to highlight any impactful updates and talk more about what's coming next here on our diary!