Creator Diary


Okay, let's get into this! So, what we have here below is a very high level list of all the changes we're planning to release in 2019. While some aspects may be switched around or adapted when we're heads down in the thick of things, this represents what we think is the best plan going forward for the rest of the year.

Will this be the be-all, end-all list? Nope. But it's certainly a list of exciting things to talk about! Over the course of the next couple of weeks, we'll be going over each major release a bit more in-depth, but if you wanted to see what a year-long, high-level planning session looks like for a team, then this is a great place to start! Let's kick it all off with an update that's bigger on the inside.

2019.1 - Spring cleaning

We've actually been working on this update for a while now, and it took almost a full re-write of the back-end to do it. This update is coming before anything else and is centered around a more stable version of the current app. While you may not see a lot of changes in the app, rest assured a lot has changed to make this a more stable experience.

  • Upgrade network performance: Weave will be faster and more stable. This means providing a more robust back-end that reduces time for things to load, especially since we have caching to make everything load faster.
  • Improve season management: For many die-hard players there are too many seasons in a single list to track and load, so we're going to make that far easier on everyone.
  • Bug extermination: We're getting bug reports from Discord and working hard to clean up most of the pains that some users experience inside the app.
  • The singularity begins: Rules shared by both editions are getting cleaned up. This isn't the great merging of rules just yet, but will clarify some common hiccups and vagueness in the now.

2019.2 - We're in the singularity now

This is where we start making the fun happen. We'll be merging Weave Advanced and Standard to make it simply "Weave" again. We'll also start the process of adding features into the app to make your sessions easier to play.

  • The one set to rule them all: The Weave rule set singularity will be complete.
  • Updated playsets: We're doing some proper copy-editing on the playsets we love and updating them to reflect how we all currently play Weave.
  • Notes: Yep, they're coming back. Stickier than ever.
  • Assets: Your items are cool, but you know what's cooler? Assets.
  • Better combat: We're cleaning up combat to be more straightforward.
  • Detached character sheets: You can thank Whitney Moore for this one. Take a character with you between seasons–or even playsets. Yeah. You heard us.
  • On-boarding: Let's make it easy for new players to learn how to play.
  • Glossary: We're going to make the glossary far easier to use.
  • Lore: A brand new way to learn about the playset you're in.
  • Subplots: Plot twists are dust, but subplots are foundational.

2019.3 - Taking Weave to Eleven

Weave always wanted to be a game that tells a bigger story over multiple episodes, and in 2019.3 we're taking it to the next level. Literally. This is also going to be where so much of that fancy mixed reality starts to sneak in. We're going to be more tight lipped about this one until we get closer, but we'll still touch on it briefly in a separate diary entry.

  • Enticements: We can make this so much easier. So we will.
  • Encounters: We're going to make it easier to track it all.
  • Coins: A multi-use metaphor that clears up a lot of confusion.
  • Totems: A mixed metaphor for the modern times.
  • Core suit: Focus suits are being replaced by a more powerful and simple solution.
  • Ultimates: Say goodbye to Signature Moves and hello to Ultimate power.
  • Character leveling: A narrative-driven leveling system.
  • Epilogues: Immortalizing our best and greatest.
  • Mixed reality storytelling. For everyone.


Those who were with us last year for Weave Advanced will remember the Beta program for the new rules. This turned out to be really great for feedback as well as making sure we were communicating everything properly. Well, I'm happy to announce that we'll be doing that for every point release this year! Expect to see a Beta sign up page shortly.

Go forth and get hyped with speculation!