Creator Diary

As you may have noticed by now; it is not February anymore. What's going on? What is Foresight exactly? Is Weave dead?!

Weave is doing better than it ever has, and the Foresight update is what we're calling our series of updates in 2020. Why is it called Foresight? This one is easy to answer. We're preparing Weave for what we see it becoming for the next several years, and we're calling this effort "Foresight".

So why the delay? Well, it comes down to two factors; setting a higher bar and a couple of surprises.

Weave Foresight update is pretty darn big. Easily the biggest update for Weave ever, and it might even be the biggest update that I've seen in any of my previous titles. Weave is evolving from a niche storytelling game into a vibrant role-playing platform. It will be very apparent that we're not only targeting a much larger audience, but that we're targeting a very large competitor:

D&D Beyond.

Some eagle-eyed Discord community members have already pieced it together from all the features we have talked about publicly. If you want to have a fully free to play digital TTRPG, you need to put in several key features to make it possible to play remotely with friends. This kind of stuff requires a lot of testing and iterating to make sure it feels natural. Our small team has an opportunity to out-feature the digital version of the biggest RPG in history, and we're taking it very seriously.

The second reason for the delay is a series of announcements that we literally can't talk about right now. Announcing Weave+ formerly at PAX Unplugged and Foresight in January received a lot of interest, and we're working with our fabulous PR firm on delivering news as we're ready.

"But when CAN you talk about it?"

Well, I can't today, but some of the announcements are close enough that we want to make the most impact by organizing as much as possible into a single announcement. We're making use of the additional time to polish the latest update into something that we're really proud of.

Weave Foresight is coming. After that is Weave+, which is the second part of the Foresight update. I sincerely apologize for the delay, and hopefully when you see what we're up to, we will have justified ourselves.

Moving forward we're going to post a timeline for features publicly after this major update, so you can see more into our development process. This has been long requested, and we couldn't agree more. Thank you for being patient with us. The excitement around the future of Weave is incredible to see as we approach our 3rd anniversary, and we can't wait to play it with everyone.

Kyle Kinkade
Founder, Monocle Society